Friday, 5 October 2018

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Team SunShine Monkey meet up today!!

nice meeting today!! well done!! full of joy~

Alex had brought in some high bounce balls today
Sam brought in some cloth and card board box
DK got the keyboard and his dinosaur PC =P
and we can ran a test on throw balls at the target keyboard!!!

firstly, we took off some bottoms from the keyboard
eg. the esc key, the start key etc
then we began.

result: the keyboard can't detect the input

so we took off even more keys
trying get the keyboard detect the hitting
ie. we only left keys: S, F, H, K
result: didn't detect either

we realized that the ball bounces too quickly, therefore the keyboard doesn't detect it

order to make it, so it detect the typing(scoring), we changed the gameplay.
from throwing ball at it ----> to stabbing it...

two or more people actually "wear" the keyboard and stab each other in the keyboard

the stabbing idea works fine and the detecting problem was solve
the only concern is that we recommend the players use a wireless keyboard

Tim has got the photo and video taken, uploading soon~

Pete: please contact me in any way asap

TeRRy =)

Monday, 12 April 2010

Game Plan

Game play:

Separate in teams, each teams got a target, which is the keyboard. When the timer starts, the teams start throwing things(eg. tennis ball) at the keyboard with a distance, so it types in to the PC. The more the team types, is the winner!!

  • by hitting the mouses to save the document, although no more typing is allow but the team get extra 20 points (usually do it whn the time comes the end).
  • by typing words which have a meaning, get extra point.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

final "exertion" game idea

the final decision comes to THE OFFICE WORK KEYBOARD BALL PINATA !!! (beat this name haha~)

today we had alrdy brought the two keyboard
  • so Pete is getting the mouseS
  • Sam deal with the BIG Board
  • i will take some stuff like blu tack n tape things
  • anyone taking tennis balls??
  • can anyone draw the idea n scan to PC (i don't have scanner) or i will do it at skool tmr
  • pick sth to do~ or suggest sth to buy or BE READY
we shall be able to put them together on tuesday

if some guys don't have anything on monday,

should we do it on monday? tomorrow = w =


ps. ALEX get your ass involve, Tim suggestion plz


Friday, 9 April 2010

meeting on SUNDAY

SUNSHINE MONKEY is meeting on SUNDAY (11/4)!!

we decided to do a Punching game with a Wii remote.

so sunday is the day to make it happen

1.00 pm RMIT Hub

Thursday, 8 April 2010

SunShineMonkey team blog created

Team O - SunShine Monkey

TeRRy (Kam -On) IP
Samuel Armes

blog authorize was sent to all member's e-mail.
e-mail me if any members don't have it.
and please edit the names to your FULL name.